An update on The Big Bang Theory Game

Monday, August 20, 2012
Hi guys Jordan here,  back with an update on 'The Big Bang Theory Game' for web and Mac and a secret iOS game that I am working on.So, let's start with the Big Bang Theory Update, a lot has been added since our Coder Dojo and a lot has gone into your feedback from the Newgrounds build and everyone else.I have spent a lot of time in debug mode and unfortunately the game isn't looking just like a 'game' yet.I am sad to say that we are looking at a Christmas time release, yes I plan on the game to be very very very very big.I will also look into an embargo date if anybody would be interested and some beta builds.Another thing I began work on since I lost all my Alien Ball RPG files was the final Alien Ball game for a while.This I also plan on taking a while till release.Only because I want it to be perfect, no bugs, no bad graphics, I want retina and sophisticated gameplay.I will also be posting regularly on Young Web on how to start developing apps, games, etc so stay tuned for that.Another, thing I will be doing a couple of times before the year is out is speaking, I will be at 'The European Pirate Summit' in Cologne, Germany in early September, I am most likely speaking at the London Smartphone And Tablet Games Summit and then another talk but I can't reveal anything about that just yet... For now, thank you for reading and giving us 10,000 hits.Thanks guys

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