India - Recap

Saturday, December 8, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Back with an update! (Note: Minecon video still going, just need time to edit.) I was in India! And before that, London.Which I already spoke about.India is definitely up there with Cannes as some of the best experiences of my life so far.Let me start off by saying, it was different, very very different, but in a good way.We took Air India, which was fantastic! This was my first ever 'long' flight.My longest flight before that was 4 hours so.It was also my first time out of the European continent.I was in Asia! Well, I always think about this.Does it count if you go to the Canaries? Because, technically they are in Africa, but owned by Spain, who are in the EU.Anyway, not the point.
We arrived at 2 in the morning on Thursday.Went to sleep, woke up at 2 PM.Went to 'Connacht Place or CP' it was crowded! It's sort of a shopping complex.We went to Mc Donalds.Which was sorta weird because due to religions beef is very rare in India because their religions don't allow you to eat it.So, I had Chicken Nuggets. :) Then the crazy bit happened.It was getting dark, it was raining, still fairly crowded, we wanted get back to our hotel.But, no Taxis!! What are we going to do? And then we saw it.... AUTO!
(Note: this video isn't of me, but you will understand)

It was crazy! No proper lanes, they don't read Traffic Lights, crazy! We went to bed
With Eduardo
Today, I was very very very very very very very tired because, I didn't go to bed Thursday night. :( We met up with the Tedx guys and went to a really nice dinner party, and Eduardo Strauch was speaking (1972 Andes Plane survivors, 16 people survived after 2 months in the Andes mountains after a plane crash and unfortunately, the only way to survive was to result to cannibalism) it was a very very touching story and Eduardo was really nice.We did a dry run of Tedx and...I flunked it, probably because I was tired.
Last day and it was the day of Tedxyouth@Chanakyapuri :D before I get to the story and the boy we met, here are pics, captioned pics of course.
Can you see me O.o

Signing autographs :)
Wake up.Get a taxi, American Embassy.Water, these really nice Cookies.Tedxyouth@Chanakyapuri, relentless curiosity was the theme.There were so many curious kids.I got to meet amazing people like Ethan Brown and Arthur Benjamin (Mathmagicians)

All in all, TedxYouth@Chanakyapuri and India in general was one of the greatest experiences of my life.Thanks for reading, guys.

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