Running for King Of The Web:A Click can make a difference.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Just a small favor.I am now campaigning for King Of The Web.An online contest where the winner will be the "King Of The Web" and will get some cash.If I win this it will make a huge difference to the company and of course my apps.I have also promised to donate 10% of my winnings to So, here is how you can help me win.

  • Make an account at (You can connect using Facebook)
  • Once registered Click here to view my page
  • On the button that says vote click it.You get 10 votes to spend everyday.You can use 1 or 10 (10 would be the most appreciated) and come back everyday and cast me a vote until the 15th Of February
  • Share the campaign on Facebook and Twitter
  • Start your own campaign.
Thanks Guys, and have fun!

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