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Thursday, March 22, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Back with some news, first of all shoutout to the USA because in the past 2 Days Alien Ball has reached the American charts (YAY) Another thing is this week I will be doing a lot of things.
1.Catch me on Ireland AM this Tuesday morning
2.I will be giving a presentation at 'The Waterford Festival Of learning 2012' at 4pm at the Youth Service Centre on Thursday
3.Saturday next I will be at the Waterford Coder Dojo giving a speech on App Development, I won't be exactly learning code but I will be looking at all the different ways of making an app.So, look out for me this week!Also, once again if all goes to plan Alien Ball Seasons will be out-Jordan

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  1. wel wat are u doin on'The Waterford Festival Of learning 2012' ill have my app done by coder dojo