Alien Ball RPG Dev Diary.Graphics

Thursday, April 5, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here back with an update, at the moment I have a little bit of time on my hands, I'm going to England tomorrow so I'm taking a break, but tonight, I began the graphics and storyline of "Alien Ball & The capturing of Ms.Alien Ball" AKA "Alien Ball 3" AKA "Alien Ball: RPG".So, this time I am going to start a developer diary of the process of the making of the app.
So, tonight I started designing the graphics for Alien Ball 3, a RPG.Which is going to be on iOS and hopefully Google Play (Android).What I did tonight was begin the graphics, so I began the graphics, I haven't started rooms yet, just Menus and the opening scene (it's going to be kind of a This is Alien Ball, This is Ms. Alien Ball, Alien Ball and Ms.Alien Ball love each other very much!Well, you get it...So, when I get back from England I will probably start designing the People, then move on to the rooms, then put it all together and hopefully have a game, this is going to be a very long game, not like the original Alien Ball, kind of like a sandbox, It might even by 2gbs, I want to have secret levels, etc.Anyway thats it for today, thanks guys-Jordan

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