Announcing "Food World"

Friday, January 6, 2012
People, today I'm very proud to announce my first and Ireland's first Virtual World.Food world is basically what it sounds like.You play as a piece of food (Soda, popcorn, etc.) and you will live and walk around in food themed areas, such as the kitchen mall or something.I plan to have this project out by Summer 2012.From now on I will be working on this project a lot of the time.
I am at the moment trying to get the basics done (Avatars, Story, Memberships whether or not) Stuff like that.If you are interested in working on the project with me I would love some help.But, just not at the moment.But, please stay tuned to the site.Now, if anything goes wrong, please stay tuned because the blog is the first place I will inform you.Thanks for reading.

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