Let's put Food World to the side for a bit and why Code should be in Schools

Sunday, January 8, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Good news!Food World phase 1 has been completed.Design, graphics and a story have been planned.We have a store and facebook.I'm keeping it like that for a while to be honest.Now, bad news.The other day I was trying to forward my port when I went to command promt and typed ipconfig nothing happened.I tryed fixing everything and nothing happened.I couldn't find it in my System folder so obviously the PC is bust.Then, more good news :D.My parents are thinking about getting a Mac for the family So, I have decided to put Food World to the side and see that this is a great oppourtunity to get into App Development.I've learned a lot of Xcode and have again planned a concept.The game will be called "Bounce" and I plan to make it just 79 cents and maybe a lite version 79c in Europe 99c in USA/Canada Sorry England.Basically the cheapest app price besides Free.To be honest I think this idea could go places, looking at the sucess of the app PizzaBot by a 12 year old who lives close enough to me. (We are even thinking of a collaboration).

Now, another thing I would like to talk about has nothing to do with my games.But, more about our future (This is for Irish kids) At the moment they're are a lot of jobs out their for coding and developing, Google, Blizzard, Apple, Twitter and Bioware are all in Ireland and more companys are coming too, the thing is I think that IT should be brought to schools nationwide.So, that we would know some simple code.So, we will know a bit if we plan to go to college for this or if we want to develop apps or games or even software.Just look at Nay games.This is an app company run by a 14 year old in the USA, he made a game and got over 10,000,000 downloads.If the game hadn't been free he would be a millionaire.That means that a company run my a 14 year old boy would be better then any company in Ireland.If we learn code and develop we could be the same and then there would be more people like him making companys and they would expand and Ireland would be out of recession and more people would move to Ireland to get jobs and more kids would learn code in School.So, in that case code should be brought to Schools :D -Jordan CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER

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