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Saturday, January 28, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan back here with another update.I've finally configured the Mac and I can now tell you it will beat Windows any day.It's kinda my first new Computer since Vista so it is good getting something new & because I am in to development and stuff it's the perfect PC.Let me describe Windows & Mac OSX for you

Windows:Windows is a simple PC.It's so easy to use and anyone can use it.I would think of Windows as a gaming PC. Rating7 1/2
Mac:Mac In my opinion is the best.It's Apple and it's just better.The thing I like about Apple that Microsoft or Android don't have.They make their own Hardware.Not just software like Android, Windows Phone 7, etc. Now, Blackberry isn't bad.Anyway, back to what this post is about.So, My first every avatar is Alien Ball.I little Blue round guy with one eye.

Alien Ball

Anyway, so I want to make Alien Ball the star of Casey Games.The main guy.Like Mickey for Disney.I want to start this off by giving Alien Ball his very own Game series.Starting with his debut
''Alien Ball VS Humans'' which I plan to have released in the next couple of weeks.Also, if you follow me on Twitter and tweet me I will make you a custom Alien Ball.Anyway, talk to you soon -Jordan CEO and founder of Casey Games

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