S.O.P.A, P.I.PA & Megaupload being shut down. (Also Some more news)

Thursday, January 19, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Back with another update for Casey Games.Today I would like to have a look at some big news regarding the Internet than talk just about the process of the company.I will get to my news in a moment.I would like to talk about S.O.P.A and P.I.P.A and what it could do if us, the users of the internet don't act now.I'm not saying that people haven't been doing this.Because, yea, they were.Newgrounds, Mojang.com, WIKIPEDIA!These top sites and many others all shut down for a day to stop this.Anyway, this basically is an act of piracy and if even a link is shown on a website it's copyright.Because of this, top site Megaupload has shut down and the owner has been arrested!This is sad news because Megaupload was a great site.It was used for file sharing.This is sad news and this was done because of S.O.P.A.So, if we don't act fast now we could see loss of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other sites. STOP S.O.P.A AND STOP P.I.P.A CLICK HERE TO TWEET THESE WORDS
As always I am going to give you some news on the process of the company.
1.The first game plan is going to be called "Alien Bounce" I want this game to go to iOS and if possible AndroidOS too.
2.I recently signed up to Dreamspark and I am waiting for a response, so if I get the membership I would like to release a sort of Technology news app for the Windows Phone 7 platform.
3.After the release of my apps I would like to take some time on working on a flash game I planned on working on for a while now.
Also, I would like to mention that the Alien Bounce app will be the first of an app series I plan at the moment on calling "Alien Ball".
Anyway guys that's the news -Jordan  TWITTER

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