Greenboy Now Available On Windows

Sunday, May 20, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here back with your first... & last Greenboy Update: The Game is now available on Windows and coming soon to Mac.CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD. The game (very small puzzle game) is available for free, I am now announcing that Greenboy 2 will be available sometime in the future.I am really proud of myself for this, hope that's not being cocky.It's just a PC game, It's very cool.. Well, anyway, hope you enjoy it and have fun.Tell me what you think on my Twitter @CaseyGames. Thanks guys-Jordan
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Casey Games: Announcing Green Boy

Monday, May 14, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.So, listen you are going to be really mad at me for what I'm about to say: Food World won't work, Smartfoxserver doesn't work with it.So, today I am announcing a new game (And you know I've said this a lot, such as No Jump, Alien Ball RPG is still in production though) which will be written in Actionscript, but published as .exe and .dmg (downloadable files, for Windows & Mac), Making it a PC game.So, I feel pretty confident about this one, considering I've been coding for the past 2 hours and I'm not bored, I hope this will be maybe a 2 week project, It's only going to be a small adventure game & it will be free, but if this goes well I will probably make a sequel, maybe sell it.So, without further ado, Green Boy:
I know what you are saying, these are the most crap graphics..Ever.. But, I'm not good at graphics, I like to code.Hopefully someday if I get a job in game development, I will be provided with graphics, by graphics designer, I will code it..You get me? So, anyway I will keep you guys posted -Jordan
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Food World Development Resuming (Right Now)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Back when I founded this company in December 2011, the main goal for the company was a virtual world called "Food World" back in January 2011 I announced it, then a year later re-announced it and got a lot of development done, little did I know that forwarding the port was broken on my Windows.Now that I've got my Mac which, port forwarding, as far as I! So, I am going to begin development straight away, remember to stay posted - Jordan
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