Announcements - Not so new game and Why I am cancelling

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Hey guys, welcome to Casey Games 2.0, the future.Aswell as a new website and a new logo, some changes are being made.You probably saw that I wasn't really posting information on my games.I have some unfortunate news today, aswell as good news.The bad news first:

  • The Big Bang Theory is no longer in production - Legal reasons
  • Alien Ball Adventure has been cancelled - Alien Ball doesn't need another games, it's time to move on
Ok, so the 2 games I was working on for quite some time have been cancelled.I am really really sorry and for those of you who wanted to see what The Big Bang Theory game would have turned out like, a .swf of the un-finished game will be available soon.
Now, the good news

  • Greenboy touch is back in production and is coming along really well - I know you guys will probably say something like 'He will cancel this too' or something like that.I promise you, this game will not be cancelled.
  • I am producing the game for 'National Children's Day in Brazil' and it will be on Fabrica's website soon. (Shh, it's already on Google Play for free, Click here) It's a small game and is made for little children, so don't troll)
Anyway, those are the updates & I promise you I will post regular updates and images of Greenboy Touch.I promise.
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We Are Go!

Sunday, September 30, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Welcome to the all new Casey Games 2.0! Yes, we are a bit early.But, if I wanted to launch on October 1st, it would've been up at around 6-7 PM.So, we have it early! Obviously it's not done yet, pages, etc have to be added.Stay tuned for a new game announcement!
P.S: Do you like our new logo?
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A New Beginning: OCTOBER 1'ST

Friday, September 21, 2012
9 days from now is October 1st (The first day of October) while Casey Games' website hasn't been updated since the release of Greenboy, you haven't received any news about our games, this blog is to big and un-updated.A new beginning.The logo is old and unprofessional...a new beginning.2 new game announcements...a new beginning.October 1'st.Be there or be square.

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My Minecon 2012 Panel Idea:

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hey guys, Jordan here.Please share this video to spread the word and make this panel possible!
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The Big Bang Theory Game: Teaser Trailer

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Back with a quick update.I released a teaser trailer for a what is turning out to be 'Big Bang Theory Game' still not quite there yet.The initial planned release is November 2012, so stay tuned for that.Thanks guys:
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