Casey Games Productions Present - Minecon 2012:The Experience

Sunday, November 18, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.It is just 6 days till Minecon 2012 (Click here to see my day by day update until Minecon) and now I am announcing the ultimate experience short film which takes you through my experience as a 12  13 year old developer who loves Minecraft! Stay tuned and I will keep you updated!
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The Future Of Greenboy Touch

Thursday, November 15, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.It's been a while since we last spoke.The last time we spoke was when Greenboy was released on iOS.A lot has happened since then.But, this post isn't the time to talk about it.Yes, I will be talking about.Because, some amazing things have happened.Today I would like to focus on Greenboy Touch & future updates and where I think the game could be heading.Both in the long term and short term.Let's talk about what you can expect in the latest update:
Greenboy Touch Version 1.5! iOS exclusive

  • A Completely updated UI to make the game more professional.Feedback has been great, but graphics are said to need work.It's on the way.
  • Possible Art updates, again with the Graphics
  • An Entire new open world! P.S: Expect me in it

Ok, that's currently planned for Version 1.5 of Greenboy Touch & like it says an iOS exclusive.I'll be honest, sales haven't been great on Android and also iOS.Lots downloaded when Free, but not a lot of people bought the game.Which brings me to the long term goals.
Recently speaking at The Smartphone and Tablet Games Summit, I had a chance to catch a few panels and keynotes and what I learned is:

  • Freemium is the next big thing, I want to make the game free soon, but implement ads, in-app purchases for example:Buying new worlds, Removing ads and things like that.One of the speakers pointed out something interesting:What paid app has ever reached No.1 on the Top Grossing charts? Exactly
  • I am also interested in things like Virtual Currency and I really like Tapjoy.Tapjoy is a virtual currency system that in the game instead of in app purchases, you click ads that earn you virtual currency in the game to buy virtual goods (Again removing ads or buying new worlds) and how I think this beats in App Purchases is that, even though the user isn't paying for anything, the developer is still monetizing.Question: 'Would you rather unlock a new world by downloading some free, probably fun game or paying real money.Exactly.
Considering Greenboy Touch in my opinion is still kind of Beta, these features probably won't be added for another few months.For the time being I am focusing on the latest version and also a HD version for iPad and a port to Windows 8.Thanks guys
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