My Little World - Announcement & More News

Thursday, February 21, 2013
There once was a creature, he lived in the back, no bigger then the smallest piece of the smallest piece of grass, his name was JC, he was lonely you see, he was the only one of his kind. And to the big world out there, he was blind.He wanted to know what he was missing, "Adventure, here I come", so he packed for and mapped out his journey, goodbye My Little World

Hey guys, Jordan here.Sorry for not posting as frequently as I would have liked to, but I have been really really busy.I was at the Casual Connect conference in Hamburg last week, was featured on on Monday and yesterday won 1st place in the junior category for the Waterford Student Enterprise awards.As well as that, myself and Aidan are working on an upcoming Food World project.Oh yeah and just to be clear on Food World, Food World is still in the testing stages.You can still play it, but we don't plan to fully launch until a month or so.Ok, before I get into the new game announcement, let's talk about some more awesome news.I'll be at GIG 2013 in the Aviva Stadium next week & I'm going to be speaking at the Festival of Games in Amsterdam in April! Which I'm soo excited about! I would also like to thank you to everybody who voted me in the Shorty Awards! We came in an outstanding 7th place (Just one place off from being an official nominee).We finished with an amazing 32 votes!

Ok, awesome, new game announcement! So, I can't say very much yet but what I can do is "announce" it.My Little World is an upcoming, very much cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Mac) Adventure game about a tiny creature named JC who lives in a back garden and wants to see the real world.Hopefully, the first ever gameplay of the game will be shown next week at GIG, but expect a trailer in the next couple of weeks.This is probably the hardest I've ever worked on a game and I'm aiming for a June release.

The first screenshot of the game is on the VentureBeat article.

Will update you guys soon


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Announcing Casey Games FM: The tech radio show

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Hey guys, Jordan here.Today I am officially announcing a brand new project: Casey Games FM, a live radio show every Tuesday and Friday.I just finished the "pilot" episode & I think it went well :). So, now let's make it an actual project! Every Tuesday and Friday at 7:30pm.I request you send in your requests before each show, the easiest way is to Tweet: @CaseyGames Hopefully, we can get a show in every week! What can you expect?
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Next week is the Casual Connect special.See you next week.(Be here on this website at 7:30pm on Friday to listen right here on the website)
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