Minecon 2012 Website Live

Thursday, August 23, 2012
Hi guys, Jordan here.This isn't really an update but just some information about Minecon (For all you Minecraft fanboys/girls, including myself) The site is minecon.mojang.com , So yeah Click it.
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An update on The Big Bang Theory Game

Monday, August 20, 2012
Hi guys Jordan here,  back with an update on 'The Big Bang Theory Game' for web and Mac and a secret iOS game that I am working on.So, let's start with the Big Bang Theory Update, a lot has been added since our Coder Dojo and a lot has gone into your feedback from the Newgrounds build and everyone else.I have spent a lot of time in debug mode and unfortunately the game isn't looking just like a 'game' yet.I am sad to say that we are looking at a Christmas time release, yes I plan on the game to be very very very very big.I will also look into an embargo date if anybody would be interested and some beta builds.Another thing I began work on since I lost all my Alien Ball RPG files was the final Alien Ball game for a while.This I also plan on taking a while till release.Only because I want it to be perfect, no bugs, no bad graphics, I want retina and sophisticated gameplay.I will also be posting regularly on Young Web Builder.com on how to start developing apps, games, etc so stay tuned for that.Another, thing I will be doing a couple of times before the year is out is speaking, I will be at 'The European Pirate Summit' in Cologne, Germany in early September, I am most likely speaking at the London Smartphone And Tablet Games Summit and then another talk but I can't reveal anything about that just yet... For now, thank you for reading and giving us 10,000 hits.Thanks guys
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HTML5 Test

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
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Alien Ball Gets an Update - Road To #Minecon2012

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hey guys Jordan here back with some news about Alien Ball.Just today Alien Ball VS Humans version 2.0 Was released, if you have already bought it then you get it for free.If you haven't bought it, I recommend you buy it now because you get all future updates for free and you have 25 fun levels with Game Center.If you buy it, it also helps me on my road to Minecon 2012, where I plan to vlog the entire event for you guys at home to see.So, click here to check it out So, don't forget to check it out guys, thanks so much -Jordan
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