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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Hey guys, Jordan here. Do you want to meet up with me or connect or network or something? Awesome, here are a few of the conferences I will be attending:

  • BETT 2013 this Weekend, I'm speaking on Saturday at 12:30 at the BETT Arena (Excel) as far as I know, BETT is free, so if you live in London.. come say hi!
  • Casual Connect 2013: I will be attending Casual Connect 2013 in Hamburg.I would love to meet you guys! If you are going, Tweet me: @CaseyGames
Thanks guys! For up the date on Food World, click here to read the official blog
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Food World BETA launching tomorrow: What to expect

Thursday, January 17, 2013
Hey guys, Jordan here.As you may have read, Food World went  into Alpha last Friday and so to celebrate we hosted an Alpha party.The whole reason of the Alpha party was to find bugs & receive feedback from the yours. 99% of Feedback was amazing, and we are very proud of that.What we had planned to do was close for a week (but we decided to keep Alpha online), work on bugs and new updates and launch Beta the following Friday.So, yes that's exactly what we are doing.Tomorrow, we are launching BETA and yes... we probably will be hosting a party.So, http://foodworldvw.tk is Food World's temporary domain.The BETA version will be pushed to the main game at about 7pm. What can you expect?
  • A new avatar
  • 2 new rooms (basically 1, as 1 of them is under construction)
  • ALL the major bugs have been fixed, expect a 99% bug free version of the game.
  • Unfortunately, we haven't had time to create a registration system, but expect that in the next week.(P.S to know whether it's me and not some im-poster, I will have an exclusive avatar of me, here's what I look like:

Cool, huh? So, what do I get out of the BETA party? Well, we will keep a list of all the people who attend this party and when Food World goes out of Beta and has registration systems, you will receive the exclusive BETA item.Also, we will be announcing some MASSIVE GIGANTIC AMAZING news at sed party.See you tomorrow :)

P.S Food World Alpha is available now: http://foodworldvw.tk
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Important update: Food World new launch date

Monday, January 7, 2013
Hey guys, Jordan here.I have a very important update.Food World's Alpha party will now be taking place THIS FRIDAY.How will you be able to play? Easy, at about 7pm GMT on Friday, the Food World website will be live and there will be a BIG play button on this website right here.Or if you follow me on Twitter I will be tweeting the link. ( If you want to talk about Food World on Twitter please use #FoodWorldCG ) Now, the party.Here are the details

When: Friday 8pm GMT (UK time)
Where: The Party Room
Why: Food World Alpha Party

I hope to see you there guys, thanks again!

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Food World Launch Date + Alpha Party Details!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Hey guys, Jordan here. Happy New Year! (B.T.W tomorrow, January 2nd is Casey Games' first anniversary) and this post is just giving you an update on where Food World is at.Currently we plan to launch January 12th.The Alpha party will take place sometime that night (announcing later). Thanks guys.
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