A bit more information on My Little World

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Hey guys, Jordan here.

So, a couple of weeks ago I officially announced my latest game, My Little World.I also told you I couldn't really say much about it on account that I was going to be first showing it off at GIG 2013, which I did.

Since GIG, I have been working very very very hard to get as of the game done as possible, for a reason that unfortunately, I can't say much about yet.What I can say is, I've been giving the opportunity of a lifetime which regards My Little World and something huge! But, I have to have a version of the game done for March 31st.I hope this version of the game done for the Easter Holidays.But, for those of you wondering when the game will be released on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows 8, I can now reveal: June 15th 2013 for iOS, Android and Mac if all goes to plan (And possibly a bit earlier) and then a month or two later for Windows as I have to completely rebuild the game for it 
Reason: I write my games using Actionscript 3.0, which iOS, Android and Mac support.Unfortunately, Windows 8 does not.But, it's not all bad, as I can convert the Flash version of the game to HTML5 and add the functionality and then wrap it as a Windows 8 app.

iOS - 89c & free lite version
Android - Free (With advertisements)
Mac - €2.49
Windows 8 - around the €2.49 price point.

by July, I am trying to get an e-book version of the My Little World story on the iBooks store.It will be free! This is to encourage our players to not only play, but read the story too.This is also because I think the My Little World story could be very interesting.

For the press:
We will also be releasing a Press Release for people who are interested in featuring the game.For people who are interested in reviewing the game, we will release test copies about a week before release.(P.S We will also be giving away iOS copies on Twitter when it's released)

I know we've still got some time to go, but I'm very very excited.I will obviously update you guys on the development of the game!

Thanks guys



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