Currently Working On: The Big Bang Theory Game

Friday, July 27, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Sorry for not posting, haven't really had any time and honestly nothing to post about.Just wanted to make a quick 'update' telling you guys what I'm currently working on.So, about a week or two ago I was thinking of some good ideas for a game.I had always imagined a Big Bang Theory (TV Show) game and I had imagined it to be some sort of arcade style game.Since I knew that I couldn't find anything like this on the internet, I thought that if nobody else would do something like this, maybe I could try.So, I started this small game.On Wednesday of last week I went to the Coder Dojo Leinster house Dojo, which was really really cool and people were showing off their projects, I built a quick website and a small build of the game and took it with me.Unfortunately, I never got to demo it.But, while on the train home I tweeted
"Never got time to show my game at #daildojo but this is what I was planning to show:"
Then I got a reply from James Whelton (Co-Founder of Coder Dojo) saying this:
"He didn’t get a chance to demo it today at #dailsdojo, but @CaseyGames made an awesome Big Bang Theory game, check it"
Which was amazing! Then people after people after people were viewing the game & I got a lot of positive feedback.So, I have decided to work on this game until it is a full action packed game, here is the demo that I built for Coder Dojo:

As always, I would love to hear some feedback from you guys and if you liked it.Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter here  Talk soon guys-Jordan
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Casey Games Website 2.0 On The Way

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here, today I'm announcing something else new.Today I am announcing a revamp of the Casey Games website.As you might have known, I updated the Casey Games homepage back in March, but that was just a small one, a link to my Twitter and an Enter button.This time it's going to be different.Instead of just one homepage and a blog, this is going to be massive, I mean MASSIVE! I'm going to be adding sections like about Jordan and games and stuff on the site, not just Blogger pages.But, speaking of blogger.If I can configure my FTP server settings, I can put this blog into my website, isn't that cool? So, this project could take a couple of days, 2 or 3.And so talk to you soon-Jordan
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Casey Games: Greenboy Touch

Wednesday, July 4, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Today I am going to tell you a story:
One day just after I came back from the 'Cannes Lions Festival' I looked up "How to clear your desktop without uninstalling items on Mac" I got a response, and some bozo said "All you have to do is drag the items into your trash and empty it...It will still be on your desktop folder in Finder.So, I (stupidly) did what he said.Not really noticing what I had done.It was only 2 days later when I went to go and work on Alien Ball RPG wasn't there.Then I checked my desktop folder in Finder...Nothing was there! I was starting to freak out a bit..I had 2 massive projects, Greenboy (which I was going to expand on) & Alien Ball RPG.So, I tried to recover, but got nothing.So, I thought I had to start again from scartch, but I never had the time to do so.So, I decided to think of some new projects, and then I thought about Adobe and them giving me Creative Suite Master Collection.And so, came the idea of "Greenboy 2" and because nobody really played Greenboy, and it wasn't on Mobile devices, that I came up with the term "Greenboy Touch" which will be made in Adobe Air.I plan on releasing this for iOS and maybe Android considering the Adobe AIR runtime is way quicker on Android, but I can't just make a game and not put it on iOS.But recently, my Coder Dojo mentors were showing me a game that had developed in Adobe AIR, they published it on iOS and Android.It was way quicker on Android.I suppose thats because Android is Open Source (Fun Fact:Android is a Linux  based operating system) But, I'm going off track.Anyway, so Greenboy touch will take a couple of weeks to develop.But, because I don't need a paid Android developer account to test it on my Android tab & I have a paid Apple Developer License then I can test it and see if it's good enough.If I don't like it, well thats that.So, anyway expect an update in the coming weeks, I will start development once I get the software from Adobe.Thanks Guys-Jordan
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Project: 1,000 Followers

Tuesday, July 3, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here..Today I am announcing a project kind of thing.Ok, so today is Tuesday.I am trying to pass a major Twitter milestone & well I need your help.
Here is what I'm trying to accomplish:
I am Going For 1,000 followers by Thursday
Current followers:881
Followers From 1,000: 119
So, I'm going for 120 followers in like 2 and a bit days.Since December 11th 2009 when I joined Twitter I have always thought of the day when I reached 1 follower, then to 10, then to 100 and now 1,000, then 10,000, then 100,000 and then 1,000,000 (highly improbable...but still) the big 4 digit.My most popular site on Chrome now is Twitter, so I spend a lot of time on it. So, To help out you can CLICK HERE to make an automatic Tweet. Or you can just make any Tweet saying something like Follow @Caseygames, I will make a personal thank you to everyone who helps and if we get 1,000 by Thursday, not only will the original Alien Ball be free (but it is already is) But Alien Ball 2 will be aswell and hopefully when I get CS6 I will try as quick as I can for Greenboy Touch coming to Android soon.

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