Currently Working On: The Big Bang Theory Game

Friday, July 27, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Sorry for not posting, haven't really had any time and honestly nothing to post about.Just wanted to make a quick 'update' telling you guys what I'm currently working on.So, about a week or two ago I was thinking of some good ideas for a game.I had always imagined a Big Bang Theory (TV Show) game and I had imagined it to be some sort of arcade style game.Since I knew that I couldn't find anything like this on the internet, I thought that if nobody else would do something like this, maybe I could try.So, I started this small game.On Wednesday of last week I went to the Coder Dojo Leinster house Dojo, which was really really cool and people were showing off their projects, I built a quick website and a small build of the game and took it with me.Unfortunately, I never got to demo it.But, while on the train home I tweeted
"Never got time to show my game at #daildojo but this is what I was planning to show:"
Then I got a reply from James Whelton (Co-Founder of Coder Dojo) saying this:
"He didn’t get a chance to demo it today at #dailsdojo, but @CaseyGames made an awesome Big Bang Theory game, check it"
Which was amazing! Then people after people after people were viewing the game & I got a lot of positive feedback.So, I have decided to work on this game until it is a full action packed game, here is the demo that I built for Coder Dojo:

As always, I would love to hear some feedback from you guys and if you liked it.Don't forget you can follow me on Twitter here  Talk soon guys-Jordan

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