Lets get to the top! Alien ball FREE until 31st of April & an update on Solas.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Back with some news, good news.If you enjoy Free apps well I have some good news for you.From now (20th March 2012) to 31st March 2012 "Alien Ball VS Humans"
will be free.So, now that it's free I ask one favor, please DOWNLOAD IT! Also, an update on the Solas centre, sales from month 1 have come in and I've decided instead of just giving Solas 10% a month I have just decided to give all the sales from February to Solas, this calculated up to about €150! So, yeah sales haven't been doing well this month & I figured that was the fact that the game had a price, so I thought I would just make it free until the end of the month & now that it's free it would be so cool to see it get to #1 on the Free apps charts, so please help spread the word & lets see if we can do this thing! Thanks guys-Jordan

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