Alien Ball RPG Dev Diary: Tests, Tests, Tests

Thursday, April 12, 2012
Hey guys Jordan here back with another Alien Ball 3 Dev. Diary! Today I am going to be talking about tests of the game.First of all, this will be a bad game for adults, I mean it's going to be fun, but the fact that the d-pad has to be soo small is bad.I am going to do a test video showing you what it is like.So far, I think I know where I am going with this game.I need to do a lot more graphics, mainly rooms before we can get on with the actual development of the game.But, I think it will be an ok game.The game will be an RPG, with secret rooms, Mini-Games and tons more, the bad part is...Saving games, it won't be possible, I'm sorry.But, it's not going to be a big massive game & It's going to have updates, like I said in the last development diary, I want to get the game out first then, work on plugins, pause, iPad, etc.Again, most likely an iOS AND Android release.Also, if you are in Waterford be sure to listen to me on WLR FM tomorrow morning at 10:45AM

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