"The Irish Kids Tech Awards 2012" brought to you by Casey Games

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hey guys, Jordan here back again with some news.So, basically I have Founded a new project, I am going to call this project "The Irish Kids Tech Awards 2012", Made by the kids, for the kids, won by the kids, SLOGAN.Anyway, I came to the idea of this project when I was thinking of a new web project & then I thought, why don't kids in Ireland get rewarded for what they do, code, design, program, make videos!Like, yeah theres the Junior Spiders, but thats just blogs, what about the other things.So, yeah We are looking for things like:Sponsors, Advertisers, Donators, Helpers & obviously submissions, you can find out about the other things by clicking here for the site but now I'm going to talk about Submissions.So, you can submit by emailing simplyentertainingji@gmail.com.So, anyway let me show you the categories:

Best Blog
Best Website
Best Design
Best program
Best Invention
Best Short Film
Best YouTube Channel
Best Game
Best App
Best Music

Yeah, so if you think you have what it takes to win in your category go ahead and email, if you want to help contribute, please go to the website for more information, we are also taking sponsors & advertisers.The Age group is from 0-16 & the deadline is JULY 19th, we will not be holding an actual ceremony for the first year & if we get enough funding the winners will get a prize, not a trophy, but a T-SHIRT, I mean yeah a Free T-Shirt.Please guys, remember, we need you to share this everywhere or else the project won't happen & if you want to support your fellow Irish Tech kids you should help support!Thanks guys-Jordan


  1. What do you mean by best design ? Is it youtube related ? Or what ? P.S. nice speech ;) I'm in the blue jumper LOL

    1. No I was in HTML ! I was the guy who asked you the question personally :P Good job though Jordan :) I'd say you will go far :) LOL ! What programme did you use to make the app ? It's really good ! :D

  2. Hi. Are you only allowed enter one of the catagories? Or more than one?

    P.S. I was in the HTML Room.