New Homepage, also Indie Games 4 U new host coming soon Alien Ball 1.1 submitted:bugs

Sunday, April 1, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here back with some news.If you come to the site from you will see that we now have a new homepage.I know it's not anything special, but it's ok.I've always wanted to do sort of an enter page & I finally got it done.Also, Coder Dojo was basically the greatest place ever, fun meeting people who do what I do, code.Can't wait to go back to that, also I gave a little presentation also.It other news, Alien Ball 1.1 has been submitted to the app store and will be available in the coming weeks, there are no new levels, just lots & lots of bug fixes to make the game as good as can be.Again, Android people..working on it! Anyway, thats it for now.Thanks guys-Jordan

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