Sunday, October 28, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.As you may know, this weekend I was at Gamecity7.Speaking also.It was great! Better than great, amazing! I got to play some really cool games including Need For Speed Most Wanted!Crysis 3 was also there, but it was 16+ only.Although they had 12 different venues around Nottingham, I was only able to see the Main Tent.But, that was enough to prove to me it was awesome!Here is a clip from me speaking:

Not only did I get to speak and have Greenboy Touch footage on the big screen for over half an hour, but I also got to meet one of my idols, a man by the name of Terry Cavanagh! Yes, Terry Cavanagh.The creator of Super Hexagon and The Letter V Six Times (VVVVVV).We met him on Friday morning at 11:00Am, he had a train at 11:30Am.So, we really appreciated him coming to see us!Thanks Terry if you're reading this :).It was really cool.And guess what, he played my game! Yes, he played my game!
Greenboy's claim to fame!
                                     Here is picture of the 'Cat Finding' level in Mission 1.

Here is one of the spike avoiding levels.
So, I will leave you now with a full gameplay on the big screen.Thanks for reading and Greenboy Touch snapshots in the next 2 weeks.