Greenboy Touch now available on iOS and Android!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012
Hey guys, the wait is finally over, Greenboy Touch is now available on iOS!... and Android! This is a massive achievement in my opinion.It's really my first marketed game.It feels like Casey Games' first real release.Alien Ball feels like my game, Greenboy feels like Casey Games.In the beginning I didn't treat it as a company, but now I do.And now that it's a registered company, it's an actual company! I am very proud of this game, this unfinished game.Which is an actual game now, but a quite small game.If you are interested in the press release please Tweet me: @Caseygames.If you have an iOS device, you get to game for free, but be quick, this is a limited time offer.The game will cost 89c this time next week.I will leave you with that.Thank for your support and I hope you enjoy my our latest game

Android app on Google Play

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  1. You're giving actual iOS developers a bad name with your templated games.

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