No new snapshot tomorrow, but we are almost there

Friday, October 19, 2012
Hey guys Jordan here, as the days go by we are almost ready to submit Greenboy Touch.So today, I am releasing the pricing, platforms and all of that fun stuff.
Because Greenboy is written in Actionscript 3.0, it has the capability of Adobe Air, the cross-platform software from Adobe.Meaning I can publish to iOS, Android, Blackberry, Mac & PC.So, there are a ton of possibilites, right?Launch will be iOS and Android, but my iOS users will be getting something extra.
Normally, the game will be priced at 1.59 (euros) but for launch (on iOS) it will be free.On Android the game will cost 1.59.

Oh yeah, and because we are so close to release date, I can't release a snapshot tomorrow, sorry guys!

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