The Development Of Greenboy Touch + More Gamecity Info

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
Hey guys, Jordan here.Like I promised, I will update you regularly with all the going ons in Greenboy Touch and I feel happy to say, we are getting very close to release.But, I want to also say something: Don't expect this game to be a big game, it will be, but not yet.I am describing the development of Greenboy Touch sort of like the Minecraft development.Starts small, expands.I plan on Greenboy Touch to start small and yes, expand.What I mean by expand is, when I first release Greenboy, it will be a free small game (Platforms and Date of release, next week or so).In the next 2-3-4 weeks, update 1 will come bringing some new levels and a new world, etc.The only problem I believe I may have is the fact "Will Apple allow the release?" considering it's small.And even better, if you manage to get the game for free, you will get all the updates for FREE.After the first update though, BOOM, 1.59!
So, get it early.Another thing I feel as though I have in common with Minecraft is this 'snapshot thing' I started.At the moment it's just me playing the game.But once the game is released, I will definitely start using Testflight to give you guys some BETA releases just before submissions.How would you feel about that? Also, for those of you attending Gamecity next week in Nottingham, don't forget to come by to the main tent on Friday October 26th at 14:00 for my demo.I will be interviewed first and then I will demo Greenboy Touch and show Alien Ball.(If you see me, don't forget to ask for some Alien Ball codes) Anyway, how do you like the sound of Greenboy's development? Please don't hesitate to Tweet me.Talk later.Bye guys!

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